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Community Security Camera Program

One  Community One Voice (OCOV), is piloting a Community Camera Program to deter crime and enhance public safety.

Under this pilot program, OCOV will start in certain areas of Lynchburg with the hope of branching into other neighborhoods of the city. These security cameras will be registered with the police department via Hill City Connect, aiding in the improvement of public safety and the deterrence of criminal activities.

Disclaimer and Terms of Use: 

WIFI must be maintained by the resident at all times. 

Recipients of the security cameras must have a physical address and not live in an apartment complex.

To ensure proper installation of the security camera equipment, a representative of OCOV will install/uninstall the equipment.

The property owner holds harmless OCOV representatives from loss or damage resulting from the installation or uninstall of the security camera. 

Once installed, the camera equipment remains the property of OCOV and must be registered with

Hill City Connect is a camera registration and sharing platform that will assist with investigating criminal activity.


Once residents register their cameras, they will be contacted by an LPD team member.
  An LPD team member will provide additional information and answer questions.



  By submitting the form below,  you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to our Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

One Community One Voice
Community Security Camera Program 


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